SIMBA#water is a process simulator for modeling, simulation, optimization, and management of wastewater treatment plants and beyondIt provides process simulation capabilities for sewers, wastewater treatment plants, and rivers. Key functionalities include:

  • next generation graphical user interface (GUI) with unprecedented graphical results presentation
  • full and on-line connectivity between all sub-systems of urban water systems (e.g. sewer-WWTP-river)
  • seamless integration of static design, dynamic simulations, equipment sizing and selection
  • best in class for development and testing of real-time control strategies
  • best in class numerical algorithms and simulation speed
  • a full library of wastewater treatment unit processes optimized for dynamic performance
  • a next generation biofilm model that can handle irregular biofilm at unparalleled speed and accuracy
  • advanced model editor that allows easy implementation of biological and unit process models